Meet the IMS Board of Directors

Dr. Mark Brundett, University of Western Australia, Perth
Dr. Mark Brundett, University of Western Australia, Perth
Senior Ecologist Department of Parks and Wildlife
Adjunct Associate Professor University of Western Australia

Research and Interests include:
• lifelong investigation of interactions between plants and fungi in many different habitats.
• restoring banksia woodlands for threatened birds and orchids in Perth’s urban bushland.
• conservation and diversity of West Australian orchids
• recently published a field guide for West Australian orchids

Dr. Dan Durall, UBCO Canada
Dr. Dan Durall, UBCO Canada
Associate Professor, Biology
Director SARAHS( Species at Risk and Habitat Studies)

Research and Interests include:
• forest mycorrhizal ecology.
• role of mycorrhizal fungi in carbon and nutrient cycling
• effect of forest practices on mycorrhizal fungal populations and communities.
• fungi in forest and wine systems
• determining the structure of fungal networks connecting trees and the strains of yeast responsible for fermentation

Dr. Jan Jansa, Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic
Dr. Jan Jansa, Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic
Senior Researcher Institute of Microbiology Czech Academy of Sciences
Group leader Fungal Biology Group Institute of Microbiology

Research and Interests include:
• function of arbuscular mycorrhizal symbioses,
• nutrient and carbon tracing between plant and soil by isotopes (radio- and stable),
• synthetic fungal communities,
• quantitative PCR,
• trophic networks in soil,
• competition and cooperation between plants,
• fungi and bacteria in rhizosphere.

Dr. Marcel van der Heijden, Agroscope, Switzerland
Dr. Marcel van der Heijden, Agroscope, Switzerland
Group Leader, Institute for Sustainability Sciences, Agroscope
Professor, Mycorrhizal Ecology, Utrecht University, Netherlands

Research and Interests include:

• impact of mycorrhizal fungal diversity on plant diversity, nutrient cycling and ecosystem functioning.
• applied research for environmental engineers, farmers and policy makers for importance of underground mutualisms and the significance of soil as a resource for agricultural production, environmental sustainability and nature protection.
• multidisciplinary researcher active in ecology, agriculture, biodiversity, molecular ecology, plant microbiome research, molecular cross-talk in mycorrhizal associations, plant sciences, plant nutrition, soil sciences, sustainability and environmental protection.